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Self-proclaimed relationship expert ‘Joro Olumofin’ drops some wise nuggets and pieces of advice to both men and women on some childish behaviour he feels should carry over to 2018. Do you agree?

1. Husbands, stop looking at your wives like “GrandMas”, look at them like a Lion will look at a sheep. Explore her every anatomy.

2. Wives, Please fortify yourselves with warrior Prayers and fasting because 2018 Sidechicks have already started equipping themselves diabolically.

3. Wives stop letting Sidechicks make you look obsolete, nothing is above you when pleasing your husband even : twerking, red long Brazilian hair, hotel room s3x, car s3x.

4. Fellas, stop sending DMs if you have a girlfriend.

5. Fellas, stop forgetting your ATM cards at home when you’re going on dates.

6. Ladies, don’t go seeking relationships first, seek employment or empowerment.

7. Ladies , don’t assume he’s you’re boyfriend after s3x

8. Ladies, make him work for it. Using Ice Cream, Pizza, Recharge , free ride to impress you should end in 2017.

9. Fellas, stop mental manipulation. Tell your friends and family to Stop calling her “Iyawo Wa” or Our wife.

10. Ladies, if you didn’t pay on a date this year and you’re still single I think you should pay on dates in 2018.

11. Ladies, don’t go and sleep in a guy’s house if you don’t have sexual intentions for your own safety.

12. Ladies, if you haven’t secured the guy don’t take your friend along on dates, God may just use you to hook them up.

13. Ladies, if you can’t cook and you’re single. Use this time to learn how to cook.

14. Fellas, stop using marriage to borrow money from girls. ( Baby I have plans for our future please loan me 200k)

15. Husbands, stay off social media and private university girls.

16.  If your body count was more than 10 in 2017 and you’re still single, 2018 should be a maximum of 2.

17.  If you’re in a relationship and you’ve never spent more than 50k on your BF or gf start saving for 2018

18.  Fellas, when you meet a lady in 2018 and she’s 28 and above if you’re not looking for a serious relationship let her go instantly.

19.  Ladies, stop replying DMs if you’re in a serious relationship.

20.  Wives it may not matter but ensure your husband wears his wedding ring.

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