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Buhari’s 2nd term promoters, enemies of Nigeria —Udeogaranya

Buhari’s 2nd term promoters, enemies of Nigeria —Udeogaranya 
—THOSE backing President Buhari for a second term in office have been described as enemies of Nigeria.
Charles Udo Udeogaranya Former Lagos State chairman of African Renaissance Party, ARP and former chairman of Lagos League of Political Parties, LLPP, who is currently, a chieftain of All Progressives Congress and a presidential aspirant of the party, Chief Charles Udo Udeogaranya in a statement in Lagos yesterday said Nigeria cannot survive President Buhari’s 2nd term in office.
According to him, “Divisions, hatred, back-biting, grinding economic conditions, hopelessness and insecurity among Nigerians has hit the limit and therefore it would not be fair on the part of Nigerians to continue to drag them along this part of draconic torture.
“The best option for President Buhari is to abandon the second term ambition and support me as his best option for replacement. “ With me as president, Nigerians will have a new lease of life with an avalanche flourishing economy and watertight security for Nigerians and their investors.
Let me state unequivocally, that Buhari 2nd Term backers are enemies of Nigeria.”

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