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I was elected to lead the living not the dead - Ortom

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I was elected to lead the living not the dead - Ortom

"Henceforth, I have withdrawn from any political activity for now, till peace returns to Benue State. No one should think of 2019 for now; the year will take care of itself. I was elected to lead the living, not the dead. I'm not afraid of death. I would rather die defending my people. This is beyond politics, I have called all former governors of Benue, David Mark and party leaders, even in the opposition. Let us chase the fox before we scout for the chicken".

- Governor Samuel Ortom addressing critical Benue stakeholders at the Benue People's House, Makurdi yesterday on the renewed FULANI herdsmen invasion and government's efforts so far.

Bassey Akpanim As the chief Security of your state, why haven't you drafted the Force men to ensure all round safety and security of the innocent INDIGENES of your state? Why must innocent people all die before you politicians take bold steps to stop this internecine carnage and destruction of lives? Such irresponsibility! Such insouciance!

Etes Afahakan The only problem with KARMA is that the victims are always innocent. There is no regime that ever favoured Benue State like GEJ. In terms of infrastructures and public offices appointment. What did he get? A Slap. Benue gave PMB almost a block vote and tactically spit on GEJ. Now yout PMB has turn to deaf and dumb in your case. I knew you guys will learn someday.

Prince Uwe Sometimes i wonder where they brought this man from.Sam Ortom eye never clear you

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