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Many things I wish I had known about sex

No one told me that it takes a while before you’re comfortable doing it without any accompanying music to drown out the sounds you and whoever you’re doing it with will inevitably make.
No one told me that there’s is a real difference between doing it with the lights on and doing it with the lights off.
No one told me you don’t physically feel a difference, you can’t physically feel a difference, between when you’re being safe and when you’re playing with the chance of pregnancy. Your body doesn’t tell you at the moment of conception, that you’re at the moment of conception.
No one told me that you get tired sometimes, and sweaty sometimes, and your partner does too.
No one told me that sometimes if you aren’t entirely comfortable with someone, you notice all their physical flaws while they’re inside you. I wasn’t aware until it happened that during sex you can notice the way someone’s skin isn’t perfect everywhere, and you can notice the way their nails feel kind of uncomfortable when they grip your bare shoulders.
No one gave me a warning that at its core, having sex is something that you kind of know how to do naturally, but that also, at its core, sex can be something that you can kind of be really bad at. That sometimes you’re just not going to have a rhythm with someone, and you’re going to notice the way that your hips and their hips always seem to be going in opposite directions and its going to be frustrating, and it’s going to make you want to stop moving your hips at all.

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