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More patients ‘attend Neuropsychiatric hospital’

The Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos  recorded a 15 percent increase in its attendance for last year.

This is  a 35 percent increase in male attendance and one percent  in female.

The hospital’s Medical Director, Dr Oluyemisi Ogun, stated this at the presentation of last year’s annual report.

Mrs Ogun said in 2016, the hospital recorded 21,026 male attendance compared with last year’s 28, 403, while it recorded 32,261 in 2016 for female compared with the 32,688 for year 2017. This translates to the 15 percent increase.

Mrs Ogun said the number of new patients recorded in 2016 is 2, 001 for male, and 2, 030 for female is 4, 071 with males being 2, 091 and females being 1, 980 for last year, which means five percent increase in male attendance, and three percent decrease in females’.

There is also an increase in the number of male patients being followed last year, which is 13, 728 compared with 2016 year’s figure of 11, 608. For female, it is 16 percent decrease as 19, 270 are recorded against year 2016’s 22, 928. Total number of patients being followed up are 32, 998, i.e five percent decrease.

The number of patients on admission is 981 which is 13 percent increase compared with year 2016’s 867. 522 males were admitted last year compared to year 2016’s 487 (seven percent increase), while 459 females went on admission against year 2016’s 380 (21 percent increase).

The hospital experienced a decrease in the number of patients discharged as 209 patients were discharged compared with 475 in 2016.

Ogun breaks it down, “males discharged are 105 against year 2016’s 226 (54 percent), and 104 females compared with 249 (58 percent decrease) of year 2016. This amounts to 56 percent decrease.

She said the hospital equally initiated a geriatric patient unit last year, recording 348 males and 542 females in the out gone year.

The hospital recorded one percent increase in cases of drug abuse- 193 compared with 2016’s 186 as 165 males are attended to, compared with year 2016’s 163 (one percent increase), and 28 males are looked at against 2016’s 23 cases (21 percent increase).

Dr Ogun said the statistics should be of interest to researchers as there are reasons responsible for the increase or otherwise in those data.

She said funding remains the challenge of the hospital as N3, 321, 211, 290 was proposed and N2, 918, 132, 078.19 has been released and cash-backed by the government as at last month representing 87.9 percent implementation so far.

Head of Clinical Services of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, Dr Olugbenga Owoeye, said the main reason for the increase was that many Nigerians were aware that there is a medical intervention that can be obtained in the hospital largely because stigma and discrimination have been largely addressed in the society.

Owoeye said: “Many professionals and organisations are now advocating on the need for mental health issues to come to the front burner. The need for the scaling up of his has even seen lawmakers holding a roundtable on ways to tackle drug abuse in Nigeria. Advocacy and awareness on mental health have compelled many people to come over to the hospital.

“That there is an increase in more males than females coming to the hospital means more men are actually taking the bull by the horn in accessing mental healthcare services. This is in addition to the fact that drug abuses are becoming pandemic in Nigeria, it is commoner with males. As researcher, trainers and caregivers, the hospital is up to the task of merging the three responsibilities to the betterment of the country.”

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