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Image may contain: 1 personPolitical calculations are altering daily ahead of 2019.They will keep altering until what God wants happens.

Personally, I love analysing politics but I can't be foolish enough to leave the Almighty God out of my calculations. He created Heaven and Earth and He doesn't need your input to choose anyone He wants to use in whatever role per time.

There's no super politician. Everyone is a product of God's grace and availability of opportunities. The expertise of the monkey is made possible by the proximity of trees. As endowed as the monkey is, if trees are spread too far apart, it will be frustrated, it's talent notwithstanding.

It's a sign of ingratitude and pride for anyone to consider himself a master politician or "Mr Fix It" because of the favour and opportunity God grants Him.

I don't know whether there's a feud between Senator Godswill Akpabio and Governor Udom Emmanuel. But it's unarguable that the Governor is ready to assert himself. In doing this, there will definitely be both casualties and beneficiaries.

Nobody can predict God, especially in the selection of leaders. He pulled Moses from the palace and trained him in the wilderness for forty years before sending him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Saul came from the smallest family in the smallest tribe in Israel. Although taller and probably more handsome than everyone in Israel, he wasn't politically ambitious. God used his father's missing donkey to bring him in contact with Prophet Samuel who anointed him.

David was in the bush taking care of family flock when selection for kingship was going on. He wasn't one of the candidates but God had chosen him. The oil brought by Prophet Samuel wouldn't drop on any of the seemingly qualified candidates until the right person, David showed up.

Absalom, the strikingly handsome third son of David coveted the throne. He even attempted to dethrone his father and replace him. At the end, the divinely chosen Solomon took the throne without resorting to desperate actions.

Even in Nigeria, nobody has ever been elected President, who felt qualified and fought for it. Alhaji Shehu Shagari was chosen when he least expected at the expense of the hard working and eminently qualified Chief Obafemi Awolowo and others.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was completely stripped of ambition and was merely praying for freedom when God chose him to lead Nigeria in 1999 at the expense of the cerebral and well prepared Dr Alex Ekweme.

Dr Goodluck Jonathan was content with being a Deputy Governor and later Governor. But he was chosen ahead of the highly connected, rich and powerful Dr Peter Odili to become Vice President.

After three unsuccessful attempts, President Buhari announced with tears that he would never offer himself any longer for the presidency. When his ambition died, God decided to choose him. He became the first presidential candidate to beat an incumbent in Nigeria. Today, he presides over the affairs of our nation.

Nobody has ever been elected the President of Nigeria because of his wealth, influence or political wizardry. I'm convinced beyond doubt that God is firmly incharge of that process. He raises and deposes kings. DANIEL 2:21, PSALM 113:7, 1SAMUEL 2:8.

You can plan, strategize and analyze but don't ever forget the owner of Heaven and Earth. If you like budget billions of naira for the electorates, be anointed by the Governor, President or Secretary General of the UN, if He hasn't chosen you, it will be an exercise in futility. God has even cursed anyone who puts his trust in a fellow human. JEREMIAH 17: 5.

God will use human beings to bless us. He expects us to be grateful to them but they aren't meant to replace God in our lives. This is because both the benefactor and his beneficiary are products of divine provision, protection, supplies, preservation and favour. If God doesn't give him, he won't be able to help you, his good intention and burning desire notwithstanding. So, you can't afford to forget or overlook the God who enabled and inspired him to help you. That he's your father, uncle, friend etc makes no difference. God is a constant, in fact, the only constant in the calculations, no matter who is involved.

But if human calculations write you off and He has chosen you, men have no choice than to co-operate with His command.

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