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>> If I say these people in RCCG are demons some people will complain. Just NEGODU!

Aside from the fact that in the Bible, there were no denominations of christians, so how could there have been high priests of different denominations??? Where and when did that come from??? I repeat: adeboye is a deceitful demon and an antichrist, who has chosen to exalt himself above Jesus Christ. Humility is not in having a small voice. And his minions of worshippers are just as bad as him! In a few years' time our children will be taught that they need a pastor in order to be saved and go to Heaven 
#freethesheeple #daddyfreeze
  • truthwillalwaysstand>> If I say these people in RCCG are demons some people will complain. Just NEGODU! more
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  • yourubademonYou know that feelings you get before telling an adult they got mucus... That's how Nigerians feels about their daddy more
  • truthwillalwaysstand@yourubademon omg I cant believe ur example looooool hahahahaha
  • yourubademon@truthwillalwaysstand I mean what do you think?
  • truthwillalwaysstand@yourubademon its funny the way u said it. Lool yh I agree with you partly though. Partly because it's true, but at the same time alot of them their problem isn't even that they feel embarrassed or shy to tell him the truth. It's that they simply don't care that he's wrong. He will forever be right to them. No matter what he does. They r motivated by greed and arrogance more so than by shame or embarrassment

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