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THE POLITICAL AGENDA OF ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM, (aspirant vying to represent Kaura North Constituency in Zamfara State House of Assembly in 2019) REVEALED .

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There is no doubt that one's political aspiration requires a viable and workable political manifesto in consonant with the aspirant's vision which clearly defines his (aspirant's) mission and intention.
Within his legislative ambit come 2019, and through his sound power of advocacy, having recognized Agriculture as an essential sector of the Nigerian economy ,ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM envisages for his constituency an industrial society where agricultural mechanisation will take the place of human labour ,this will boost productivity and enhance proper economic growth in KAURA NORTH constituency and the State at large come 2019.
In his vision, ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM a frontline contender for the seat representing KAURA NORTH constituency in Zamfafa State House of Assembly come 2019, intends to embark upon establishment of agro-processing industries . This will help in the production and re-production of other valuable commodities thereby boost the economy for a better survival of the constituents. By so doing, ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM envisioned an independent economy for his constituents where they would absolutely gained control over the capital market.
In his bid to diversify the economy through agriculture, ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM intends to create employment opportunities , wealth creation and causing increments to the internally generated revenue in the State.
ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM, a pragmatic and visionary leader, come 2019, as a house member to represent KAURA NORTH, and in other to advance the course of good governance, his intention is to provide the enabling environment so that local and foreign investors can come in and invest . By so doing, the standard of living of the people (Constituents) would be raised.
Through agriculture ,ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM seeks to build human capacity development through technological innovation. In this regard ,the people will be trained in line with global best method of farming.
To this end, an industrial based vision is what the political aspiration of ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM portends for the good people of KAURA NORTH constituency as the next political dispensation roles in come 2019.

In consideration to the aforementioned point of interest in ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM'S political program , it is a conspicuous fact that his political ambition is geared towards salvaging his constituents from legislative wreckage and drive down the much needed dividends of democracy to the shores of his constituents come 2019.

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