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The funny thing about the cl1toris is that people barely know the basics about it. All they know is the location and also they know that when stimulated it can make the act of s3x better. But there’s more.
Below are some basic facts we should all know about the cl1toris.
1. The size of the cl!toris varies, the circumference of the cl!toris ranges between 0.1 to 0.3 inches while the length of the cl!toris could get up to an inch.
2. The cl!toris could actually be bigger than the male junk according to a study which claims the clitoris extends 6 inches inside a woman’s body and into her pelvis.

3. A woman’s cl!toris is more sensitive to stimulation than a man’s junk, this is because the nerve endings in the cl!toris are much more concentrated when compared to the nerve endings in a man’s junk and according to research, women have twice as many nerve endings in their cl!toris as men have in their junk.
4. Just as a man’s junk gets erect when he is in the mood for s3x, the cl!toris stiffens and gets larger when a woman is in the mood for s3x.
5. Age tends to affect a man’s junk but women don’t get to go through this as age doesn’t affect their clitoris.
6. A woman’s clitoris is closely related to a man’s junk; in fact research has it that a man’s junk and a woman’s cl!toris started out as the same thing before different hormones caused each to develop.

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