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Buhari: ‘I was shaking when I took over from Jonathan,’ president says

President Buhari says he met a country in comatose when he took over from Jonathan. President Muhammadu Buhari says he was literally quaking in his shoes when he assumed the reins of the nation’s leadership in May of 2015.The APC backed Buhari unseated Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP during a fiercely contested presidential election in the spring of 2015.Buhari and his political party haven’t stopped talking about the rot they met on the ground; and today presented one more opportunity.“Some of the things I saw here were unbelievable. I still shudder and wonder how a country can survive under such abuses,” Buhari told a group of supporters in Abuja, Friday. “It is only by an act of God that we survived,” the president added. ALSO READ: President considered fleeing NigeriaThe president also said his administration has been able to correct several wrongs of the previous administration which crippled the economy.
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