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Ali Baba has reacted openly to the obviously selfish positions of Nigerians and some Pastors on Tithes and same-sex marriage.

The veteran comic compere sacarstically criticises the orientation of many people who only jump to the defenses of cogent issues only when it suits them. Followers flooding the comment section were also quick to call Celebrities out for their hypocritical stand just to keep relationships and be in good books of some people.
The comedian is the most recent to critically analyse the issue of tithing as most celebrities have decided to keep mum about it.
Below was what he said in regard to the issue,
“If any PASTOR agrees that a man can marry a man and that a woman can marry a woman… something that is not in the bible, then he has no right to preach about sin. In fact, he has lost the right to call anyone a sinner. Because it can not be only tithes that cannot be changed. People keep permitting everything and harping on the one that suits them. If you agree that men can marry men, then we can begin to negotiate tithes. I know many are afraid to speak on this matter. But the truth is there… It’s not going away. Come and be drumming into my ears “God said…” “It is written” “God is always right” “But we should let people decide their partners”. No argument. You said God says man shall not steal. BUT A MAN WHO HAD NOTHING goes into politics. One term down, he builds a mansion that his 20 years salary as a politician, can not fund or afford. But you go pray to open the house, all the same, and dedicate it to God. GOD SAID pay your tithe. And you say that is sacrosanct. Can I decide who to give it to? You say no. But God said a man must leave his parents and cling to a woman, you are accepting alterations. Kwuanteeenuuuu”

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