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When it comes to music production, mixing an existing song is no doubt easier than making one from scratch, cos most of the time, what you are doing is adding your own flavors and ideas to an existing song to make it sound even better.

However, take nothing away from mixing & mastering because if you are either doing it for the first time or if you don’t have an idea of what it entails, you’ll find it hard because there are actually many intricate things you need to know about the process. Also, it’s important to note that sometimes, a bad mix is really worse than a song with no mixing at all.

The four tips below can help you become a super duper mixer and masterer… a ‘mixsterer’ (see what I did there?).

Choose to work with a track you are familiar with
It is very imperative that you start by choosing to work with a track you can familiarise yourself with. If you are the kind of producer whose creativity leans towards mid/fast-tempo beats, then you have no business mixing a track like Darey’s “Not The Girl.” Most times, you will end up spending more time trying to figure out what to do and may have to dull your creativity to work on such a track.

If you can actually do it, then that’s good, but make sure you choose a song that you like its original track and base, for those are the kind that will sound better after you and your creative mind are done ‘mixstering’

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