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My mum never taught me how to cook.

lessons my mother never taught me
My mum never  taught me how to cook rather she taught me how to become
a successful  in life.
When  I went to  my boyfriend house he asked  me to  prepare a very nice meal  for
him I was so disappointed.
I told him that I don’t  know how to cook he thought it was a joke.
That was when I started  having problem with him.
He shouted on me if you don’t  how  to cook is better you leave my house.
That night I went  to restaurant  to  but  his favorite milk Annie said to me
If you can’t cook for me  I can’t eat  any restaurant food  my  wife to-be can’t cook
My own food.
Is better I look  for another  lady who know how  to cook.
God forbid bad thing I can never in my life to marry a woman that does not
Know how to cook.
I’ll  rather look for another  lady who know how  to cook for me and my unborn kids
Because of  that no man want  to marry me.
My mum never teach me how to cook I’m just starting now to learn how to cook

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