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NOT YET!!!!Have an eye to recognize opportunities- Kester Oshioreame

NOT YET!!!!Have an eye to recognize opportunities- Kester OshioreameKester Oshioreame is a trained actor. He studied Theatre Arts at the University of Port Harcourt. He was part of the cast for the Malta Guinness Life 101 Series. In this edition of our ‘Goodness to Greatness’ series, Kester talks about the validation Malta Guinness gave him through the Life 101 series. .

Q. What were you doing before the Life 101 series?

A. I just finished on the set of the MNet comedy series of #DOGOOD. Did a movie as assistant director and I was also training aspiring writers and public speaking.

Q. Have you always wanted to be an actor?

A. Sure. I trained as a professional at the University of Port Harcourt, theatre arts department.

Q. How much has your life changed since the Life 101 TV series?

A. A bit because it gave my fans another perspective of the actor in me, different from my comic portraiture on the set of #DOGOOD.

Q. What was the reaction of your family/friends to seeing you on TV?

NOT YET!!!!Have an eye to recognize opportunities- Kester Oshioreame
A. Great. The reviews have been quite commendable. The conclusion is, I'm an actor and not strictly a comedian.

Q. If you were not playing ‘Prof Akinedju’ what other character do you think you would have played in the Life 101 series?

A. The Vice Chancellor perhaps.

Q. If you were to change one thing in your life, what would that be?

A. Become a change agent and influencer earlier in life.

Q. What is next for you?

A. Still on course, producing, writing, speaking and acting.

Q. What role would you say Malta Guinness played in fueling your greatness and helping you actualize your dreams?

A. Malta Guinness has an enormous contribution indeed, because without the partnership with Malta Guinness, the dream of the production may never have fructified.

Q. What is your charge to other Nigerians who are still looking up to actualize their dreams?

A. Keep working. Believe in themselves and never be discouraged. Above all, have an eye to recognize opportunities and an ear sensitive to relevant information. Ultimately, they must always be hungry for more.

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