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When you think about performing, the major reason is generally on how much money you can make. This is of course an important reason to perform, but consideration should also be given for gaining experience, getting exposure, and making new industry contacts through networking. Giving other events a try may be just what you or your band needs for that extra exposure. Here are a few ideas that may help get you noticed.

There are hundreds of tertiary institutions in Nigeria with hundreds of thousands of events going on all year round, so why don’t you be a part of it? Many school events are always looking for performers, and because they can’t afford the A-list artists, they look towards anyone that can give the audience the enjoyment they paid for. Now the money you may get wouldn’t be big, but it is a great way to gain exposure and build your career up.

Charity events
Just like how many corporations love hiring people who volunteer regularly and give back to the community in some way, so also will fans appreciate a musician who performs at charity events at no cost in exchange for adding your name to the event program. This is a great exposure opportunity as well as a way to give back. Always make sure to add this to your social media accounts to let fans know that you are in it for more than the money (this is a secret, but musicians like this are the ones who end up making way more money than they ever imagined) Don’t we all love such people?

Award ceremonies and shows
There are a lot of award shows happening very year. I’m not talking of music, movie, and entertainment awards, I’m talking of in-house awards, fashion shows, talent shows, etc. Many Banks, firms, and other companies usually hold awards for their staff members and host dinner parties and the likes. That is a great way to not only make cash but to possibly get new fans and reach people that are sometimes too busy to have found out about your great music otherwise. Set up a meeting to discuss how you can play a part in these events. Not only will this increase your exposure, but may also increase local contacts through business networking.

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